Humanity’s Evolution


Humanity’s evolution is a Book, Webseries, and Movie about what it will take to transform our society into one that is in balance and harmony with the earth. 

Humanity is evolving, and there are distinct options for the direction we want to go, but one thing is clear, we have no choice to stay the way our society has become.

Every topic is interactive and anyone can comment and discuss them in our Topics section and you are invited to chat forums that will be held in conjunction with ‘Heeo’ and the Societal Transformation Network (STN).  Click Forum to get more information.

The world is coming to a major turning point, and there is no need to list the reasons why we need to change how we live as local and global communities.   What people need is direction and understanding about what is occurring, and a clear vision of a comprehensive proposal for where our society is going and more importantly a Step by Step Transition Plan for how we are going to get there.

Humanity’s Evolution is grounded in research which builds on expert knowledge of the actual situation happening in the world right now, and teaches us all the most comprehensive and applicable solutions utilizing science and technology for the most efficient and effective way to transform our entire existing society to be in balance and harmonious with the earth.  The proposals directly address long-term economic stabilization, government integrity, environmental equilibrium, and not just to be sustained, but to be a thriving planet and human civilization. 

The comprehensive vision addresses all aspects of society and is a Win-Win-Win solution for everybody from impoverished people in slums to elite bankers, from local community organizations, to international corporations.  It utilizes what we know NOW, not what may or could happen, and empowers us all to take direct action over the course of months, instead of years and decades in the future.  No final conclusions are made, because the book and movie itself are continually evolving and are fully interactive to allow for updating and improved solutions as they are created.  The solutions are actual processes of evolution by creating interactive structures for better decision making, improved economic planning, and technological innovation for efficient and effective production and distribution, buffered by sustainable resource allocation and resource cycling.