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Integrated Sustainable Design

To Rebalance our planetary relationship we need to initiate board application of Integrated Sustainable Design for all of the resources we produce and use.  The key difference between our current economy and a natural based economy?   Landfill, which will no longer exist in a Natural Based Economy.  To create a cyclical resource stream, we will have to convert all Landfills to Resource Cycling Centers.


As soon as you end the use of landfills, you have to re-think the design of everything, and the first step is Scientific studies and analysis including,  A Global Infrastructure survey,a  Global Resource management survey, all of which Goes into the Life Cycle Planning of Products.   In this way we can plan the entire history of a product including what it will be turned into after it is done being used, before we even make it.

This planning and management ensures Optimized Resource Allocation of Raw Materials.  And along with cycled materials, planning, and scientific analysis we can ensure the most optimized production of goods possible.

From there we ensure optimized distribution, Optimized Use and long term maintenance for longest utility.

Which brings it back to Optimized resource cycling that ends the idea of waste and landfills.

We can’t learn how to do this overnight, but overtime, this can be the standard system that every inventor and product design team follows.


To see the animation of this explication, please watch the following video:



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