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Value: Life as the Balance of the Great Elements

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Lets start with Wikipedia’s definition of Life: “It is still a challenge for scientists and philosophers to define life in unequivocal terms. Defining life is difficult—in part—because life is a process, not a pure substance. Any definition must be sufficiently broad to encompass all life with which we are familiar, and it should be sufficiently general that, with it, scientists would not miss life that may be fundamentally different from life on Earth.”

That can certainly be agreed upon.  If we investigate further we find an other interesting proposed definition, which happens to be the one most Wikipedians agree on and is used as their main opening line; Life is “a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes.”

Very abstract indeed.  We will take that same idea a step further by saying that “self-sustainable processes” require balance, and that balance is between the Great Elements.

From beginning times cultures have always put great importance on the Great Elements.   Yet not only have ancient and past cultures put such importance on them, our own scientific foundation of all elements is also tied to these ancient ideas as the four, possibly five, states of matter; Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma, and possibly “Dark” Matter.

So lets start from Hardest/Coldest and work our way from there showing the relationships to different words used to describe the same thing.





Either/Void/”Dark” – (This is the least understood, and so for the rest of our definition we will leave this out, but if its mysteries are ever unraveled, it will certainly have its place.)

So when we say that we define Life as the Balance of the Great Elements, what we are referring to, the balance and need for each category above, which have words that are one and the same.  The key to life, is that all of the Great Elements are present and in balance with each other.

For typical descriptions of life, for example, human life, we use “Body, Blood, Breath, and Spirit”.  Spirit can either be defined as a non-detectable energy which connects to our soul, or in a more scientific definition, it can simply be the sparks of electrical energy that flow through our nerves and cells in our body.  So in our definition of life, we say we are alive because we have a balanced Body, Flowing Blood, Flowing Breath, and Flowing Electricity or Sprit, which are all in harmony to create our lives.

Under this definition, not only are we Alive, but so is the Earth itself, and the Sun.  And believe it or not, so are Organizational Entities, including for-profit and non-profit Corporations, Businesses, Governments, and other companies.








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