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Is the Earth Alive?

[Idea Needs Further Discussion/Research]

There are more elaborate forms of life that are essential to understand, and the main focus that is becoming to be more predominant in our society, is weather or not the Earth itself is alive.

In an overview, we can pretty much all agree that the Moon, and Mars for example are dead planets/satellites, and that in comparison the Earth, the Earth is alive!  This is called the Gaia Hypothesis.  But why would we say this other than how the planets look in relation to each other. What are the fundamental building blocks that could prove the Earth is just as alive as we are?

Under our definition of Life as the Balance of the Great Elements we simply need to compare each of the main categories of “Elements” and see if the Earth or Gaia, has them.

First off, the Earth is certainly made of Earth and has a physical Body, so that is simple.

Second, the Earth has lots of water, liquid water, and not only is it liquid but it flows across the planet through tides, waves, and rivers, much like blood runs through our veins.  Both Mars and the Moon do not have flowing water, although it is possible that at one time Mars did.

Third, the Earth has an atmosphere of air, wind, and you could say that the movement of the air and its cycling of air between water and earth constitutes breathing.  Nether Mars nor the Moon have any relevant atmosphere, although it is possible that at one time Mars did.

Fourth, the Earth does have an electromagnetic core of pressurized solid iron and heavy metals, that rotate around a molten core to generate not only electricity but a huge magnetic field that stretches out beyond the moon.  Not only does this electromagnetic field protect the earth from the harsh affects of the Sun’s “solar wind”, when there is a big solar storm, we see aurora borealis, which are plasma remnants from the solar storm that glisten against the atmosphere.  Additionally Earth has lots of Fires, all of which are plasma, and are essential to the ecological balance of much of Earth’s ecosystems.  On the other hand, the Moon nor Mars have fires on the surface.  They also don’t have large electromagnetic fields that stretch far into space, although Mars is said to sill have a very small field, and at one time may have had a huge one.

In conclusion, Earth does have all four of the necessary elements, and the last question is to ask weather or not they are in balance.  Are they evenly distributed, are they in equilibrium, are they continually interacting with each other and flowing between one another?  The answer is simply YES, Earth does have a Balance of the Great Elements, and therefore under our definition is consider Alive!





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